Epilam® SFC-20 Repellent

Epilam SFC-20K

Repellent for cardboard/Cartoon, plywood and wooden surfaces

Composition EPILAM®SFK-20K for textiles, wood, paper, cardboard, plywood, silicone products, molds, HDPE, composite products, stamps, RTI for easy processing and long-lasting results using easily applied surface modifiers.

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• Excellent protective anti-adhesive and hydrophobic properties

 • Forms a stable protective and separating layer, delivered ready for use

 • Suitable for all cold-curing processes such as COLD-BOX-AMIN, RESOL-CO2, BETA-SET, RED – SET and other similar processes




· Chemisorbing/adsorbing film thickness up to 100 nm

 · Withstands temperatures from -50 °C to+320 °C without compromising performance

 · Resistance to chemically aggressive environments corrosion Inhibition

 · Suitable for extreme deformation


· Polymerization at room temperature

 · No deposits

 The impact on the environment

 • Do not contain ODS

 • Non-carcinogenic

 • Non-explosive

 • non-irritating

 • safety Data sheet available




• can be applied by spray, immersion (dipping), wetting, roller

 • Low composition consumption

 • The estimated amount of the composition is 1 kg per 12-16 m2 of surface




• Lack of any training requirements

 • Dries in a few minutes without the need for heat


• you can work without waiting for drying






• Transparent (depends on the surface)

 • Blue-green (optional)




Textiles, fabrics, leather, synthetics, cardboard, paper





Application area


All areas of industry


It creates a thin protective coating that can significantly reduce the adhesion coefficient (sticking)

Density at t=20ºС


0,8-1,3 g/см³


                 Consumption rate, 1 L

    Number of layers

                                               at 12 … 14 m.kv (on average)

single layer

Drying time

Cure time

Up to 10 min

Up to 120 min

Application temperature :


-20°С … +40°С  


Removal tool






Textiles, fabrics, leather, synthetics, cardboard, paper