Please note that the use of unlicensed products (licensed & the copyright holder – ASPM EPILAM Co – Avtostankoprom) that do not have a chemical safety data sheet may cause toxicological and dermatological damage to personnel, the environment, as well as cause corrosion and oxidation of the treated surface.

ASPM EPILAM Co (Avtostankoprom) St. Petersburg (Russia), is an enterprise that owns the trademark “Epilam” ” EPILAM “(registered in the Russian Federation, EU countries, USA, China, etc.) and has the right to produce products under the trade name “Epilam” “EPILAM”, which is confirmed by:

certificates for the trademark “Epilam “”EPILAM”
patents and a quality mark belonging only to ASPM EPILAM Co (Avtostankoprom) “
registered trademarks No. 428278, 506479, 506480
patent No. 2429284
patent        102532

In case of receipt of similar offers from trading companies to supply Your company songs “Epilam”, please request from the seller a license to manufacture, quality passport and the passport of safety of chemical substances in products, indicating the manufacturer (Avtostankoprom), the batch number and date of production.

If necessary, our company is ready:

advise on the status of selected suppliers
on the quality of purchased products “Epilam”
provide the best conditions for the purchase of products and optimize the technology of applying multifunctional coatings
carry out the examination of samples of compositions in an analytical laboratory in order to assist in the identification of counterfeit products.