The company ASPM (Avtostankoprom)  provides comprehensive technical support to its customers and partners. To achieve these goals, ASPM Epilam Co (Avtostankoprom) has created a “Technical Support Department”, which employs highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in working with the company’s materials. All specialists have been trained at the parent companies where our materials and technologies are developed and manufactured.

The main forms of technical support provided by the Company’s specialists are theoretical seminars for customers with a demonstration of the company’s materials application technologies

Preparation and issue of prospectuses for individual technologies of application of the company’s materials.

Obtaining the necessary certificates for the company’s materials

Issue of Guidelines for the use of relevant company materials

Customer consultations on the company’s materials application technologies

Development of standard technological regulations for the use of materials

Perform the necessary calculations and issue recommendations on the company’s material consumption, as well as the conditions for their use.

Providing product samples.

Issue of warranty obligations for the company’s materials used.

Assistance in finding experienced contractors for the production of works

Working with complaints, identifying the causes of poor-quality use of materials.

Technical Support Industry

tasks of the technical support service of the industry department

Providing consumers with documentation regulating the use of products: PDS (Technical Description for the Product), MSDS( Safety Data Sheet for the Product), technical instructions for the use of the Product, Product test reports, etc.

Preparation of training materials, presentations, training videos on the use of Products

Providing consulting assistance to dealer companies and consumers of Products (directly with a visit to the enterprise). Improvement of technical training of personnel and practical skills in the use of the Product.

Quality control of work performed by the customer with the use of Products.

Performing calculations and timely delivery of results to the customer.

Coordination of new design solutions using Products.

Inspection of materials for compliance with standards and regulations, operational requirements.

Conducting laboratory tests and developing technical solutions: selection of adhesive (sealing) material, determining the method of preliminary surface preparation, etc.

Development of rules for environmental safety, preservation of personnel health.

Conducting technical trainings and presentations, seminars, exhibitions.

Resolution of disputes between the parties concerning the use of Products.


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