KI-6982M Epilamization Equipment

Ultra thin coating equipment KI-6982M

The system is designed for applying/receiving the strengthening and protective nanosized monolayers of fluorinated synthesized traditional and Epilam coatings for solid metallic and non-metallic surfaces of mechanical parts, aviation, aerospace, energy, medicine etc. industries, including metal-working tools (drills, cutters, indexable inserts, taps, dies, matrices, punches, etc.) by immersion in a cell epidemiologia by thermoactivation. The complex can be used for applying multi-functional (including protective) nanoscale coatings for various purposes (antifriction, bactericidal, hydrophobic, high-temperature, anti-corrosion, tribological, etc.) for a wide range of products.

Техническое описание
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* Provides excellent preservation and anti-corrosion properties

* Provides long-term protective properties

• No need to remove the coating during further processing

* Suitable for all hot and cold curing processes, such as COLD-BOX-AMIN, RESOL-CO2, BETA-SET, RED-SET and other similar processes



• High performance

• High degree of coverage on the surface

• Long-term protection and weather resistance

* Easy application technology

* Adjustable performance, full process automation.

* Adjustment of the size of processed products

• Ease of use



• Not an OPO

• Does not emit carcinogens

• Not explosive

• Does not emit toxic fumes

• Maintainability



* Easy installation/disassembly, maintainability

• Low power consumption

• Low lubricant consumption


• High performance. You can apply both by running products, and dipping from above. You can work with products without waiting


for the WARRANTY to dry



Technical parameters:

Working dimensions of the camera: 620x620x640/740 (other-on request of the consumer).

Degree of sealing: – full

Options: Epilam preparation system, thermal heating up to + 110°C, 380V,

Overall dimensions of the installation (approximately): 1940x800x1400mm (others – according to the customer’s technical specifications);

Additional options: vacuum drying Cabinet, IR curing (separate equipment);

Operating temperature inside the epilation chamber, °C: +50 … ±100;

Recommended for use for thin-layer coating.

Economical, does not affect the subsequent processing. 

   Company “AVTOSTANKOPROM, Ltd.” (ASPM Group) offers a range of easy to apply cleaning  and protective coatings designed to maintain protection from sticking and purity. Offered in the form of ready-to-use compositions & coating.

Based on advanced chemical technology other than traditional, they offer recipe makers an exceptional level of efficiency.