Fluorinated VARNISH to protect against corrosion and reduce sticking

Fluorine-containing lacquers of the Fluora series are one-component, easy-to-wear, fast-curing. After application, a thin-layer protective coating is created, ensuring low adhesion, corrosion and wear of the surface

One-component thin-layer varnish for protecting the surfaces of iron, steel, zinc, galvanized, fluorinated and chrome-plated parts, aluminum, silver, copper, non-ferrous metals, hard PVC, wood and painted surfaces.

Examples: thin-layer protective coatings (VARNISH) FLORA-D are used for processing valves, pumps, heat exchangers, machine tools, sub-car equipment of high-speed trains, tractors, combines, cars, contact network. They provide low friction, low sticking and corrosion protection on the treated surfaces.

Thin coating

Thin coating FLUORA-D

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