Fluora-A5 Cleaner electronic elements

FLUORA-A5 Electronic details cleaner


It is a colorless or slightly colored liquid. It is a system for effective cleaning (cleaning) of the surface of printed circuit boards, electronic equipment of servers, wires, cabinets, REA units and electronic components.

It is used for cleaning and maintenance of printed circuit boards (assemblies) from flux residues after soldering and solder paste, after reflow during assembly of electronic modules and installation of electronic component base of a wide range, including functional electronics products, as well as immediately before applying a moisture-proof coating.

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The compositions of all FLUORA ® cleaners and protective coatings are specially selected to ensure a combination of consistent, reliable performance with ease of cleaning and coating. These products, marketed under the brand name “Epilam FLUORA® “, provide an environmentally sound solution based on a balance of safety, performance and beneficial environmental impact.


Cleaning the surface by applying a liquid composition

“Fluora-A” can be applicated:

a) manually, by available spray or other means of cleaning or coating;

b) pulverization plants, where the pulverization function is carried out evenly.

Recommended cleaning/degreasing by spray, can be wiped with a rag after applying the liquid layer (holding time up to 3 minutes) or a rag soaked in Fluora A.

c) by adding to oils, coolant.



The quality control of cleaning and degreasing is carried out selectively. To do this, the surface is lapped with a clean, dry sheet of white paper. After lapping, the paper should remain white, without stains and streaks. If there are still stains, the cleaning process is repeated.


There is no sharp smell of solvent
After cleaning, the surface becomes resistant to dirt.
Cleans and degreases


They are polymers with efficiency advantages that have long distinguished Epilam ® from competing surfactant manufacturing technologies, such as hydrocarbon and alkaline surfactants.

It is not a flammable.


Do not contain ODS
They are not carcinogens
Not explosive
It does not have an irritating effect
There is a safety data sheet


They can be applied by spray, wetting, roller, brush
Low composition consumption
The calculated amount of composition is determined empirically


Lack of any training requirements
You can work without waiting for drying


Transparent (depends on the surface)


5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 200kg


Scope of application: All areas of industry

Action: Cleans the surface from grease, oxide, corrosion and deposits.

Density at t=20oC: 0.8-1.3 g / somz

Consumption rate 1: at 7.10 sq. m. (average)

Holding time before cleaning:  Up to 5 minutes

Application temperature: -40°C … +50°C

Cleaning methods: Rags, pulverization, washing, wiping

Areas of application FLUORA-A 5 in Industry:

Printed circuit boards,

Microchips Microelectronic equipment

Electronic accessories

Electrical appliances,