Epilam AQUA-A3 Anti-Spatter

AntiSpatter Epilam AQUA-A3


The compositions “EPILAM ® AQUA-A3, A33” – antispatter are Designed to prevent welding drops and splashes from sticking to the metal surfaces of welded workpieces, nozzles, devices and equipment. Antispatter is used both for welding low-carbon steels and stainless steel, and especially for difficult welding operations.

Of particular relevance is the use of a liquid that prevents the sticking of welding splashes during bodywork and repair of painted metal products. This reduces the size of the surface that requires subsequent abrasive cleaning. The heat-resistant film creates a barrier to splashes, but it does not serve as an obstacle in the formation of the weld.

The AQUA-A3 (A33) composition is a non – corrosive, highly effective product that is compatible with subsequent processes such as painting or coating. Depending on the modifications, it can be used as a concentrate.

Makes it easier to clean the surface.


Composition in cans, metal barrels.

The composition of all AQUA ® protective coatings is specially selected in such a way that after application, a thin-layer uniform coating is created on the surface in a short time, where a combination of consistent reliable performance characteristics with ease of coating is provided. These products, sold under the “AQUA ® ” brand, provide an environmentally friendly
a solution based on a balance of safety, performance, and environmental benefits.

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• Excellent anti-adhesive and anti-corrosion properties

• Has cleansing properties

• It has protective properties

• Suitable for all cold curing processes such as COLD-BOX-AMIN, RESOL-CO2, BETA-SET, RED – SET and other similar processes



• High adhesion of the composition to the surface

• High degree of coverage on the surface

• Long-term protection and weather resistance

• Easy application technology

• Represent effective polymers, which have the advantages of competing technologies is not the HFL.



• Do not contain ODS

• Are not carcinogenic

• Not explosive

• Does not irritate

• There is a safety data sheet



• Can be applied by spray, wetting, roller

• Low consumption of the composition


• Dries within: up to 60 minutes without additional equipment. You can work without waiting for drying

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