ASPM Company – ARCTIC!

In the period from July 4 to July 7, a business mission of the St. Petersburg Committee for Arctic Affairs and representatives of the St. Petersburg business community to the Arkhangelsk region took place. ASPM Company took an active part in the delegation of St. Petersburg Companies.

During visits to the largest enterprises in the region (JSC “PO” Sevmash “, JSC” Ship Repair Center “Zvezdochka”, JSC “Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill”, etc.), the innovative products of ASPM LLC – anti-icing coatings, anti-adhesive materials, frost-resistant lubricants

and other materials that can be effectively used in difficult weather and climatic conditions of the Arctic

Business contacts that took place at the enterprises of the Arkhangelsk region will be continued.

ASPM Company participated in the work of New Vision, an accelerator of solutions for metro and urban rail transport of Tranmashholding, Russia’s largest manufacturer of transport solutions. To participate in the accelerator, the latest developments of ASPM LLC were presented – protective anti-icing and bacteriostatic compounds that can be used in cold winters and in case of an aggravation of the epidemiological situation.

“The anti-icer forms a stable protective and separating layer on the surface, protects against corrosion, protects against snow sticking and ice formation for a long time. The composition is safe for undercarriage equipment, its validity period is up to 180 days,” comments Abdurashid Vohidov, General Director of ASPM. “And the disinfectant, unlike analogues, not only destroys viruses and bacteria, but also forms a bacteriostatic film on the surface that protects against them for 14 days and is not washed off with water.”

As a result of the accelerator, on the basis of Metrovagonmash-Service LLC, pilot tests of solutions for surface treatment with protective compounds are planned.