Film-forming compositions to reduce sticking, adhesion and corrosion


    Thin-layer film-forming compositions to reduce corrosion


    Anti-icing, anti-icing, film-forming, long-acting thin-layer liquids are used to reduce ice sticking, facilitate cleaning from ice and sleet


    Thin-layer temporary coatings for reduced welding splashes and easy cleaning


    Thin-layer film-forming compositions for moisture (water) protection and hydrophobization of metals, alloys, plastic, printed circuit boards, and microchips


    Apply for disinfection and bacteriostatic treatment of premises, social facilities, industrial buildings, equipment, and transport.


    Engineering for the selection of protective coatings, equipment, coating technology, as well as for the creation of products made of composite materials using additive technology (including 3D printers)


    R&D and New products


    all automatic for thin layer multifunctional (antiCorrosive, anti-Stick, Hydrophobic) coatings

  • Firefighting liquid

    Foaming firefighting liquids (compositions) of premium class AQUA and FLUORA belong to the class of fire extinguishing liquid with a high degree of foaming


    Cleaners, disinfectants, sterilizers, de-greasers, antibacteria compositions


    Additives of the Epilam Trybo series belong to the premium class of additives due to the content of “soft” nanoparticles up to 100 nm long as the main substance, which do not contain minerals or mechanical impurities.

  • Repellents

    Thin-layer coating, water, oil, dirt repellents “EPILAM AQUA”, “TRIBOGREEN ™ ” is produced in order to obtain a multifunctional (water-repellent, oil-repellent, rot-resistant, anti-adhesive, hydrophobic) protective film that extends the service life of the surface and protects it from external influences.


    Anti-friction additives, lubricants and liquids of the TRIBO EPILAM series have a high effect of reducing the coefficient of friction, ensuring uniformity of lubrication, corrosion protection, tribological properties, resource and energy saving.