Логотип компании


ASPM Epilam Company (Avtostankoprom)  was founded in 2003 in Saint-Petersburg and is a continuation of the epilamization direction of the ‘INTERPRO’ research center.

The company has Russian and international patents, trademarks, and the results of numerous research projects.

The company is a developer, manufacturer and coordinator of R&D, application of technologies for obtaining multi-functional thin-layer coatings; production of compositions of Epilam, Fluor, Snegotek, Kosmolam, development and manufacture of equipment for applying thin-layer coatings, development of technology and NTD.

Significant point:

In 2003, the resumption of work on epilamirovaniyu, the creation of TI, NTD;
IN 2004, the installation for applying the Ki-6982M epilamiruyushchy coating was created;
In 2006, the company was awarded the Diploma “for contribution to the development of Russian industry and the use of effective technologies for strengthening materials (Epilam);
In 2011, a Russian Patent was obtained for “device for preparing a lubricant composition”
in 2011, a Russian Patent was obtained for ” epilam AERO Lubricant-inhibiting composition»;
In 2011, the trademark “Epilam”, “Epilam” was registered»;
In 2012, the company launched production of Epilam compositions with modifications of anti-sticking, anti-adhesive, anti-friction, hydrophobes, and moisture protection;
In 2012, the company was recognized as the best in the category “Innovation: R & d, new products”.
In 2013, the Registration of the “Epilam” trademark in all countries of the European Union;
In 2013, the company took 2nd place in the Competition of educational projects “VEB innovations”
. in 2014, it successfully passed certification on the system of nanomaterials and was awarded the sign ” Russian nanotechnology products»
In 2015, the Russian Federation received a Patent for A ” fluorine-containing multifunctional composition»;
In 2015, the International registration of the trademark “Epilam» and updating in many countries, such as the United States, China, etc.;
in 2015, active contract work began with automakers such as HYUNDAI, BMW, GAZ, KAMAZ, Nokian Tyres, Pirelli.
In 2016, mass production of compositions in the direction of separation fluids, cleaners, impregnations, lubricants, additives was established;
In 2016, a Eurasian patent was obtained;
In 2017, the trademark “Snegotek” was registered and production was established;
In 2017, the Russian Railways received a License for use in railcars and high-speed trains;
In 2018, the trademark “СOSMOLAM” was registered and production was established;
In 2019, a European patent was obtained;
In 2020, cooperation with leading institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences will be updated

He is the owner of many Diplomas and an active participant in International Exhibitions and Conferences.

Логотип компании