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ASPM (Avtostankoprom) innovative Company – main functions are:

Development (R&D) and production of thin-layer coatings (Brands: “Epilam”, “Cosmolam”, “Fluora”, “Snegotech”) to apply fort antiadhesive (reduced sticking, anti-sticking), anti-corrosion, de-icing, antifrictional (oil-treatments inc. EPILAM), cleaning, hydrophobicity (moisture protection), hygiene (bacteria static), impregnation (water, oil, dirt and fire-resistant);

““ASPM Group” (Avtostankoprom) was founded in 2003. The company is a coordinator of R&D and application of technologies epilamization to obtain multifunctional thin-film coatings; production and delivery of the compositions of Epilam, Fluora, Snegotech, Cosmolam, R&D and manufacture of equipment for applying thin-layer and Epilam coatings, development of technology and research. The company has patents, trademarks, the results of numerous research works.

In 2006 the enterprise was awarded the Diploma “for the contribution To development of the industry of Russia and use of effective technologies of strengthening of materials (Epilam);

In 2012, the company was recognized as the best in the category “Innovation: R & d, new products”.

In 2013, the company took 2nd place in the Competition of educational projects “VEB innovations»

In 2014 was awarded the sign ” Russian nanotechnology products»

In 2015, a patent of the Russian Federation for a “Fluorine-containing multifunctional composition” was obtained”;
In 2015, the International registration of the “Epilam” trademark ;
In 2015, active contract work was started with automotive Companies such as HYUNDAI, BMW, GAZ, KAMAZ, Nokian Tyres, Pirelli.
In 2016, mass production of compositions in the direction of separation fluids, cleaners, impregnations, lubricants, additives was established;
In 2016, a Eurasian patent was obtained;
In 2017, the trademark “Snegotech” was registered and the production of products was established;
In 2017, Russian Railways obtained a license for use in railcars and high-speed trains;
In 2018, the trademark “COSMOLAM” was registered and the production of products was established;
In 2019, a European patent was obtained;
Cooperation with leading International Institutes will be updated in 2020

Company – the owner of many Diplomas and an active participant in International Exhibitions and Conferences.

Cooperation.Topics of cooperation:

Joint-Vencure Companies for R&D, Production, Analysis and investigation of solid surface properties

Analysis and creation of film-forming lubricant compositions with specified properties

R&D of new fluorocontained compositions (nanosized film-forming) with application of developments and achievements of the world chemical industry

Development of new lubricants (oil-treatments, oil-additives) and diversification of applications

Development of long-acting de-icing (de-icing) liquids

Development of fluoro compounds with bioprotective properties

Repair and modernization of machine and industrial equipment with the use of epilamization technology